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Odoo ERP Implementation and Services

Support before, during and after the Odoo implementation

We are your training partner for Odoo, providing training for your staff on how to use Odoo and its modules. Additionally, we offer advice and assistance in the execution of your ERP projects involving cloud computing, e-business, and B2B communication solutions.

Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in ERP implementation with over 350 projects. We have acquired special expertise in customizations according to customer requirements. Likewise, we have extensive practical experience in integrating ERP with document management, webshops, and websites.

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You can find a comprehensive overview of our services related to Odoo here. Of course, we are also available for personal consultations! Feel free to contact us!

We also ensure competent service providers in the future.

With an apprenticeship  for IT specialists in application development or system integration.

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Grants for Digitization

Digitization creates new business models and opens up unprecedented opportunities for companies. It is therefore important for companies to seize the opportunities of digitization. With BAYERN DIGITAL, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs also promotes digitization. Benefit as a company from the funding program and secure real money when implementing your ERP system.

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