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Is Odoo Coaching Sensible for Your Project?

Motivation and Benefits

Do you want to fully leverage all the advantages that Odoo has to offer? Professional coaching provides you with profound insights and comprehensive knowledge about Odoo and its integration possibilities into your business.

How can you generate maximum benefits for your company? Initially, it is recommended to identify individual requirements and preferences through a workshop and jointly define how these can be incorporated into the implementation of Odoo in your company. This process results in a roadmap for the implementation of Odoo based on the identified prerequisites. Monitor the development of the system in relation to your company from the outset. With the ITIS AG you gain an overview of how Odoo functions in connection with your business processes through tailored coaching.

For Which Key Players in the Company Does Coaching Make Sense?

Odoo encompasses processes from various areas within the company. Involve employees who will play a significant role in these processes in the future through coaching sessions. You enhance efficiency, save time, and reduce costs by professionally introducing your employees to your system. Decrease performance declines due to illness or vacations by increasing the number of employees knowledgeable about the system. Especially, key users should participate in Odoo training.

How Much Time Do Coaching Sessions Take?

In the planning and estimation of the required time for our coaching sessions, we are happy to assist you with our experience. Come to us with your questions and preferences. Together, we will create a coaching plan, as well as an overview of the departments or employees for whom coaching is recommended. Keep in mind: every professionally trained employee will significantly contribute to the successful implementation of Odoo in your company.

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What Topics Can Be Covered for Your Employees in Coaching Sessions?

Our coaching sessions primarily serve one goal: the successful implementation of Odoo in your company. Therefore, our top priority is the maximum alignment with your individual requirements. Here, too, we invite you to communicate your wishes precisely and work with us to develop the approach for all the coaching sessions you desire.

Our coaching sessions generally cover the following areas: In the context of a comprehensive Odoo consulting we introduce you to the areas of implementation, process mapping and optimization, as well as increasing efficiency using Odoo. Training and coaching cover topics such as the application of Odoo, system operation, and possible integrations of Odoo with external systems.

Another Important Aspect - Motivation!

Key to Success

Consciously involve your employees in the implementation and development of Odoo in your company. Address uncertainties regarding innovations, delegate responsibility to your employees, and encourage active participation in the implementation of Odoo in your daily operations. This will result in a stronger identification and affinity for the new system, as well as a dedicated, motivated in-house Odoo expert team. Our Odoo coaching sessions can assist you in achieving this.

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With over 20 years of experience in implementing ERP systems, ITIS AG possesses special expertise in Consulting and methodology in implementation of odoo. As a certified training partner of Odoo , we can effectively train your employees. For more information about Odoo and our services, visit our  Website .

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